Cut through the noise and get alerted quicker

Safewatch will give super powers to your security cameras!

Safewatch uses state-of-the art artificial intelligence to detect objects in your security feed. You can select the objects you want to be alerted on, and when they are detected you will receive a text notification to your phone.

On top of this you get free 14 days of footage storage so you can go back to watch your camera feed when something happened, and you can download a copy.

No rocket science

Adding your camera takes 30 seconds.

Save your footage

Free footage backup for 14 days.

Instant notifications

Get alerted in less than 3 seconds after the object is detected.

Free trial

Try Safewatch risk free for the first 15 days.

Customer support

If you're having any doubts or troubles we will gladly help you out.

Free updates

With time Safewatch will get better, but the price will stay the same.